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The Famed Yellow Magnolias Bred in Ossining N.Y.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden introduced the yellow-flowering magnolia to the world. BBG  launched the breeding program in 1953 at its R&D facility, the Kitchawan Research Center, in Ossining, New York (the town next door to me). They bred eight magnolias before the program shut down at Kitchawan in 1991. These BBG hybrids are still available today. These beauties flower between mid-April and mid-May. One of my favorites is Magnolia x ‘Elizabeth’ which was introduced in 1977. It is a cross between M. acuminata and M. denudata.  Dr. Evamaria Sperber, who helped start BBG’s breeding program bred this tree. It is valued because it flowers before the leaves come out which makes an elegant display on bare branches. The creamy-yellow flowers bloom later than other magnolias which helps it avoid damage from frost and cold snaps. The  flowers bloom about a week after the saucer magnolias and two or three weeks after the star magnolias.
The hybrid’s name honors Elizabeth Van Brunt, a  benefac…

Tulip time!

I planted these 'Negrita' tulips as a companion to the pink PJM Rhodies Olga Mezitt.  Purple and pink are great colors for a spring garden!

Tulips make such a splash in the garden - I once planted some for a client and he liked them so much that the following fall he planted hundreds more!  Here are some photos from his tulip display:

Tulips at a client's property  Jan Johnsen